About us

Our mission is to develop, strengthen, and promote the use of open data in order to stimulate social advancement, encourage better governance, and develop civil society all over Ukraine.

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History of NGO creation

Since Artellence has been created, we were astonished by the scale and variety of problems that can be solved by artificial intelligence and big data. As any socially responsible business, we started working on socially important projects aimed primarily at researching the impact on public opinion and the quality of information in open sources.

It inspired us to create separate organization to implement social initiatives using AI and Big Data. In such a way, we use advantages of both areas — business and non-profit — to maximize benefit to business, government and society.

Development of Open and Big Data in Ukraine

During the past 10 years, Ukraine actively develops area of Open and Big Data. The Government of Ukraine is progressively recognizing the importance of openness and accessibility of data to the society.

In 2015, the Law on Access to Public Information was adopted, which regulates the collection, use and distribution of open data.

Back in 2011, Ukraine joined the Open Government Partnership, which was the first step towards creating open data.

Ukraine implements an “open by default” principle. Ukraine became the first country in the world to approve the methodology for assessing the disclosure and updating of open data at the state level.

In 2021, Ukraine was considered a trend setter in the Open Data Maturity rating, where our country ranked 6th among 34 European countries.

In 2022, Ukraine ranked 2nd with the result of open data maturity at the level of 97%. This fact only proves that open data in Ukraine continues developing regardless of the full-scale war.

The use of big and open data has enormous potential for several reasons:

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Transparency and openness

Open data helps to ensure transparency in the activities of government agencies. This increases trust in government agencies and helps to counteract disinformation, as it enables any data to be checked in seconds.

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Objective decisions

Big data can help to make decisions based on substantiated and clearly analyzed information in various fields, such as education, healthcare, and social protection.

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Open and big data expand development opportunities for developers, researchers, and the community. Businesses and startups can use this data to create new products and services that respond to social challenges.

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With the help of open and big data, it is possible to strategically plan a response, make the necessary forecasts, and model scenarios in real time.

Given these reasons, as well as our capabilities in this area, it is important for us not only to join this area, but also to actively promote its development, using the enormous potential of open and big data to improve the quality of life of Ukrainian society.